Utilising exercise to improve mental health – PT Vasil Demirov highlights the key benefits that regular gym visits can have on the body and the mind

by | Jul 22, 2022

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Mental Health

The financial sector can be a gruelling, mentally straining business and whilst many appreciate the success and pleasure it can bring, it is still vital for IFAs to monitor the state of their mental health.

Whether it be through more flexible working, open environments, or decreased working hours. IFA’s have to be careful with how they manage their state of mind. However, one area that regularly gets overlooked is the physical well-being of financial professionals and how that can impact their stress levels, energy levels and overall feeling of wellness.

IFA Magazine has always been a strong advocate for supporting mental health in the financial sector and through weekly articles, supplemented by PT Vasil Demirov, we will be highlighting key areas in which physical activity can support your working life.

Vasil is a well-respected personal trainer based in Cirencester who has been helping regular people achieve their fitness goals for around 5 years. This has coincided with him also competing in high-level bodybuilding championships in the ‘Men’s Physique’ category where he has accumulated several awards.


Born in Bulgaria, but having lived in the UK for nearly 10 years, Vasil has created a strong community of clients that he helps reach various health and fitness goals. These can include anything from, weight loss to building muscle to general fitness. All of which benefit the clients overall physical health.

He said: “There are a lot of benefits to regular exercise, first of all you are going to improve your health. That’s the main the main reason why people join the gym. 

“Secondly, it can help regulate your body weight if you want to reduce body fat or even put on muscle. Generally, there are lots of positives and benefits to training. 


“Obviously, it is not necessary to be competing or anything, just a few minutes on the cross trainer, lifting weights every so often, joining some classes in the gym if they offer them. 

“It is all about moving more to burn calories which is going to help you lose body fat and feel healthier.”

A significant amount of Vasil’s work is about ensuring clients achieve their physical goals. However, at the centre of Vasil’s ethos is that regular exercise benefits both the body and the mind, something that many IFAs could use to manage their own mental health.


He said: “Obviously exercise is going to boost your high-density lipoprotein or HDL, it is going to increase your blood flow which reduces the risk of heart disease or a heart attack. 

“So, it is going to reduce blood pressure and that type of thing, but it is also good for dealing with things like depression, anxiety and stress. It helps relax the body and the mind by releasing the endorphins that cause you to be positive. 

“I always recommended staying active as it really does help. Even if it’s like a normal walk outside, especially now that it’s nice, just go out for 30-45 minutes, put some music on your headphones and just enjoy it and that’s going to improve your physical and mental health.”


This article is part of a six-week series lead by PT Vasil Demirov where he will discuss all the benefits that regular exercise can bring to both your lifestyle and your career.

To hear more about mental health in the financial sector listen to our IFA Talk podcast with Michelle Hoskin recorded during Mental Health Awareness Week.


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