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The EIS Yearbook 2016/17 – essential reference guide available soon

by | Oct 3, 2016

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The EIS Yearbook and Investment Manual 2016/17 has been designed as an essential reference guide to understanding investment in EIS for IFAs and professional investment advisers in the UK.

As readers of IFA Magazine will know from our updates, our team has been active in developing a new narrative around the EIS sector. It focuses on the underlying investments as the fundamental strength of these schemes, supported by the Government through tax reliefs rather than seeing them primarily as a tax mitigation exercise.

Led by Chairman of the IFA Magazine Publications, Paul Wilson, EIS investment managers, along with EISA and other stakeholders, a working group initiative has been set up to develop and communicate a wider understanding of the purpose and benefits of EIS, beyond the traditional focus on tax efficiency but rather on the strength of the underlying investments and the investment process and exit strategies.


EIS, and the concept of developing and funding early stage and disruptive business, is likely to be a major focus of government policy in the post Brexit world. As such, it is likely that it will become a part of every investor’s portfolio, whether in a big or small way. As trusted advisers, you will want clear information on how EIS works at the investment level, how scheme managers pick winners, nurture them and realise their value as those companies mature and prosper. Confidence will be the key. The industry is keen to meet this need and work closely with all advisers. Through this campaign, the groups seek to understand what resourcing is needed to help in the due diligence process. Also it will develop effective marketing support to highlight these investments as excellent choices for growth in their own right,  but with added government support channeled through investors rather than direct grant aid.

The EIS Yearbook was first produced by EIS Magazine in 2015. For 2016, the impact of prior discussions with experts and leaders in the EIS sector has been incorporated through a series of thought leadership articles. These articles are designed to communicate effectively and clearly, the positive impact these schemes can have for society and the economy.  For the reader, they provide an essential guide to how these schemes might be incorporated within a client’s balanced investment portfolio.

It is a step by step authoritative guide to EIS investments, from concept to exit and includes essential information on the important role of these schemes in Britain in the post-Brexit climate. There is also technical advice on how to construct an EIS portfolio.


Paul Wilson comments; “We hope that the Yearbook will provide a key educational guide for all professional advisers and specialists working across the sector and we are delighted that CISI have endorsed its educational content for CPD.

“Central to all of our work in this sector is an overarching aim to ensure that anyone, whether adviser or interested client, who wishes to engage with the EIS marketplace, is provided with the necessary information to do so, in order that together we can help to build British business for all of our futures.

“We hope that everyone who has contributed either to our working group meetings or through correspondence with us, feels that their views are reflected in this Yearbook and we thank everyone who has participated in its production.”


The guide will be distributed separately – and free of charge – to all readers of IFA Magazine in October.

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