Sustainable Investing has been one of the hottest topics in this summer’s editions of IFA Magazine. The inescapable conclusion to be drawn is that it is a powerful force which is gathering serious momentum – and one which advisers will ignore at their peril.

It’s an increasingly important string for advisers to add to their bows, so we’ve gathered together all the important information and opinion we’ve published over the last few months and put it together in one handy supplement.


Topics covered include:

  • How investing can deliver handsome returns while having a demonstrable positive impact on the world we live in
  • How advisers can identify the most appropriate funds for their clients’ individual needs
  • Investing for climate change
  • Why sustainable investing no longer means sacrificing returns
  • Investors are keen to make an impact – so should you be
  • Why impact investing is set to become mainstream
  • The similarities and differences between the various sustainability funds
  • Aligning clients’ investments with their values
  • The growing importance of the CleanTech market
  • How impact investing can benefit adviser/client relationships

Among our expert contributors are:

  • Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G Investments)
  • Julia Dreblow (SRI Services)
  • Jon Forster (Impax Environmental Markets)
  • Dr Marc-Olivier Buffle (Pictet Asset Management)
  • Chris Holmes (John Laing Environmental Assets)
  • Damien Lardoux (EQ Investors)
  • Amanda O’Toole (AXA WF Framlington)
  • Ivo Weinöhrl (Pictet-SmartCity)
  • James Lawson (Tribe Impact Capital)

To receive your free PDF copy of the special supplement, Please click HERE


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