Study Ranks Dubai #1 City for Expats: 2024 Data

by | Feb 24, 2024

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  • Dubai is the best city to move to, attracting by high average salary, quality of life, safety rate and good infrastructure.
  • Both the UAE and Japan are the big winners, each having 2 cities on the list.
  • Osaka attracts people with the lowest monthly living costs on the list at $828.

Experts at Deluxe Holiday Homes conducted a research to identify the best cities to move to. To determine the best cities, multiple factors were considered, including safety rate, monthly cost of living, average salary, infrastructure, quality of life and healthcare. The composite score based on all these metrics was calculated, ranking the cities accordingly.  

CitiesSafety RateCost of Living without rent Average SalaryInfrastructure rateQuality of lifeHealthcareScore
Abu Dhabi86.31,022.60$3,626.69$78.317370.270.1

Dubai tops the list of the best cities to move to with a composite score of 73.2. People are drawn to the city by its high average salary of $4,1K and the high quality of life it offers. High safety rate and good infrastructure are yet other factors contributing to the top ranking.

Zurich follows closely, coming in 2nd with a composite score of 73.1. The city draws people in with the highest average salary on the list at $7,8K, offering high standards of living with amazing quality of life.


Having a composite score of 70Abu Dhabi is ranked 3rd on the list of the best cities to move to. The capital of the UAE came out on top with the highest safety rate among the cities listed, combined with comfortable living cost. 

Amsterdam holds the 4th spot with a composite score of 69. Amsterdam’s attractiveness – in addition to the second highest quality of life – are well-developed infrastructure and average monthly salaries at $3,9K.

Ranking 5th on the list, Vienna gets a composite score of 66. It’s highly regarded thanks to the best quality of life on the list and excellent healthcare system, along with a decent average salary of $3K. 


Copenhagen takes the 6th place with a composite score of 65. The city is noted for its green living and high quality of life, coupled with an average salary of $3,9K. Its good infrastructure and safety show why Copenhagen has its place on the ranking.

Singapore is 7th with a composite score of 64. City’s appeal comes from its safety rate and a high infrastructure score, indicating a safe, efficient and well-organized environment. Additionally, high average salary at $5,1K and good quality of life make Singapore an attractive destinations for professionals.

With a composite score of 62.5, Seoul ranks 8th on the list of best cities to move to. The most easy-to-access healthcare system coupled with one of the highest infrastructure rates made Seoul the 8th on the ranking. 


Osaka is in 9th place with a composite score of 62.3. The city’s biggest draw is the lowest cost of living on the list. In addition to that, it also offers good quality of life with strong infrastructure, making it an ideal destination for affordable yet high-quality life.

Tokyo rounds out the top 10 with a composite score of 62.2. Not only does Tokyo have the highest infrastructure rate on the list, it also offers a high average salary of $3K.

Commenting on research, a spokesperson from Deluxe Holiday Homes says: “The rankings provide valuable insights for individuals and families considering an international move. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have transformed the UAE into a global destination for professionals and families, offering not only safety and comfortable life, but also a lifestyle that’s attractive to people worldwide”

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