SumUp report reveals what online consumers want from ecommerce brands

by | Oct 21, 2023

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As the key festive shopping period approaches, many online businesses are gearing up for what should be the busiest time of the year. 

But with inflation and living costs posing a challenge for many UK e-retailers, knowing how to capture the attention and trust of online shoppers is tougher than ever.

A new OnePoll survey, commissioned by the leading fintech company, SumUp, shares current online consumer behaviours and how e-commerce sites can survive and succeed. 


Online reviews are key.

The survey revealed that 71% of consumers value online reviews as important, with just under a third deeming them very important. 

Without an in-store expert at hand, e-commerce sites should be encouraging consumers to publish online reviews, whether that be onsite or through google reviews. The findings show that trust and value continue to be vital to encourage customer spend and put brands above competition. 


Quicky delivery deemed as important.

Consumers have higher expectations than ever, with the survey disclosing the importance of quick delivery. The findings show that 44% consider delivery time important, which can often be affected during busy shopping periods.

Delivery returns should also be considered under this bracket, with consumers displeased at the recent announcement that certain e-commerce retailers will now charge for returns. 


The survey further revealed that over a third of consumers value an easy to contact customer service centre, suggesting that online support and human contact are key for a successful e-commerce experience.

Almost a fifth of revenue comes through social media.

As consumers reportedly spend an average of 151 minutes a day on social media(1), and SumUp’s survey finds that 16% purchase through the likes of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok shop, social channels are now vital to brand revenue.


Whilst over a third said up to date social media channels weren’t particularly important, the findings suggest brands should look to feature tagged product posts that direct consumers to purchase for a seamless and efficient buying experience.

Consumers are unbothered by influencer or celebrity endorsements.

The value of influencers has been an active discussion for over a year now, and SumUp’s survey confirms that over half of consumers don’t see influencer or celebrity endorsement as important when it comes to their purchasing decisions.


With the trend of ‘de-influencing’ taking over TikTok this year and Gen Z becoming smarter and more conscious consumers, people are looking for authenticity around a brand and its products. 

Gabriele Bellezze, Global Head of Business Development Retail at SumUp comments on the findings, “Our survey revealed that people spend up to 20% more money online than in-store, reinforcing the importance of solid marketing strategies and seamless customer experience for e-commerce businesses, especially over the festive period where consumers are likely to increase spend even more. Brands should be paying extra attention on their communication strategies online whether that be continuous communication post sale and through delivery, or via their social channels.”

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